This is a great time to be a skateboard consumer. The internet has a wealth of FREE skateboarding videos, photos, and stories. Every day fresh content appears on the web for us to enjoy. For some, the internet video bombardment has left us feeling like we can't keep up. To others it's a sinch, and we need more. I know I trolled that shit out pretty quickly, and thus began my quest for fresh content.

The Red Curbs Media Pool gives you an easy way to find unlimited fresh skateboarding content from one site. The pool is growing rapidly with links to skateboarding sites of all kinds. I've categorized the links and soon you'll be able to sort them by type: blogs, video tubes, films, photos, magazines, companies, and shopping. There are links to all the major skate media outlets and lots of not so major ones too. You can easily take a look at what all the big mags and companies have to offer eliminating web searches. If the big sites all sharing the same ads and videos bores you, just explore the skate blogs to find something new to your eyes. Underground blogs provide tons of new footage and perspectives directly from the skate community without the same mainstream ads.

At Red Curbs we love the underground skate blogs and are fully down to link to yours no matter how silly your postings are. We just ask that you add a link to Red Curbs on your site. If you are a filmer, photographer or own a small brand, or your homies do any of those things, send us a link and join the Media Pool.